Vendor Spotlight: CE Roth Formal Wear

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Vendor Spotlight: C.E. Roth Formal Wear
By Fred Jerant
Photos Courtesy of C.E. Roth Formal Wear Opening-Photo-CE-Roth

When it comes time to outfitting a groom and his attendants for the big day it can be a breeze — if you deal with a supplier that’s truly professional.

And that’s where C. E. Roth Formal Wear comes in.

This year C.E. Roth is celebrating 112 years in business and just as day 1 we offer an unmatched selection, personalized service and a bundle of amenities that warehouse-type outlets can’t even approach.

“Many people don’t understand that we stock just about everything displayed in our shop,” said co-owner Marty Semmel. “If it’s on display, we’ll have it in the back. You won’t have to special-order it and wait for delivery.”

That includes such prominent names as After Six, Clairborne, Perry Ellis, Oscar de la Renta, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Ike Behar, and Joseph Abboud. Many slim-fit styles and infant tuxedoes are available, too.

Having such a deep stock makes it easier for the wedding party to settle on the proper look. “Some people can visualize whether a style will actually work or not,” he said.”But many can’t. That’s why we’re willing to let everyone in the party try on various styles. You might find that your first choice isn’t what you really want.”

ceroth1And the same is true of colors. Although gray suits and tuxes are popular this year, there are many shades of gray — and a shop with a limited stock might not carry the proper shade.

If you order from a warehouse and later find that the pants are too tight, or the coat is too large, or a seam has split, your only recourse is to send the item back. And then wait — with crossed fingers — hoping that the problem is solved in time.

Not so with Roth. It maintains complete support services in-house. “We do our own dry cleaning, our own laundry, our own pressing, and our own tailoring,” he said. “When a customer comes in for a pick-up, we have a final fitting session. If there’s a problem, we fix it on the spot

— and we never charge for these last-minute changes,” Semmel said.

The majority of Roth’s employees have been there for decades. “They’re true professionals; formal wear is their career.” And all of that adds up to less hassle and an easier experience.

CE Roth is proud of its ability to offer its clients low prices as well “We’re set up as a working warehouse,” Semmel explained. “We own the building and inventory, so we can avoid many transportation and restocking costs. Instead, we concentrate on providing quantity and quality.

“My wife’s grandfather, Clarence E. Roth, started the company in back in 1904,” Semmel added. “His philosophy was to ‘provide a quality garment at a family price,’ and we just continue to follow that blueprint for success.” CE-Roth-3

For more information:
C.E. Roth Formal Wear
202 N. 10th Street
Allentown, PA 18102
(610) 432-9452

To see all the newest tuxedos and suits from the top designers in the industry, register to attend the wedding expo at the State Theatre in Easton on Sunday, March 20th from 1-5pm where the men of C.E. Roth will be up on the stage showing them off! To register for the show visit: