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How to Pick the Right Vendors
By Samantha Parks vendor-guide-header

You may want to consider hiring a wedding consultant. Wedding coordinators will be able to find the best vendors for your wedding according to your style and budget. They can help you negotiate rates and contracts with your vendors and your venue so you can get the best values and they will make sure all your vendors are set for the big day.

Be sure to visit bridal shows in your area. Make sure to visit with the vendors at the shows and ask questions. Do due diligence and follow up with the vendors you are interested in. Visit their websites, look at their reviews. If you get a bad vibe they are probably not the vendor for you.

Couple-With-Wedding-VendorASK THOSE YOU KNOW
Everyone knows someone who recently said their I do’s. Make sure to talk to friends and family who recently got married. There is no better referral than from someone you know and trust.

Make sure when the time comes you choose the vendors that you are most comfortable with. You will be spending a good deal of time with some of the people you choose so you should trust them. A good vendor will listen to your ideas and offer you suggestions that will add to the vision you have for your big day. You are hiring these vendors to help you create the wedding of your dreams. Remember, it is not their day so you should not feel guilty if you do not like all the ideas that they offer up. 9a8dd45dc3d5647fc1ac7a01a53cf2a5

Finally, once all vendors are chosen, make sure to read through your contracts completely before signing with anyone. Ask questions if there is wording you are unsure of and make sure if you have any special requests that it is all in there. Most of all, spend time with the vendors you choose and establish a rapport with them so that they get to know you as a couple beforehand and not just the few hours you see them the day of your wedding.