The Wedding Planner: Yes or No

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The Wedding Planner:
Yes or No
By: Samantha Parks wedding-planner-istock

It is the official time where true love has changed form: you are no longer “dating” or “in a relationship” you are ENGAGED and take on a new role, that of a fiancé.

First things first, it is time to build the perfect team to create the most magnificent day ahead. How do you select the person who is going to guide you through the year(s) of planning and your wedding day? Who do you select to help you through the planning process of one of the biggest days of your life? It is important to have someone that you will truly bond with and trust to assist you the entire way. During your venue scouting and wedding planning research, you will come across two different types of planners. The first is a wedding planner/designer and the second is a catering manager/venue coordinator. There are significant differences between the two and it is important to select someone that will not only bring out your design but also make it a true celebration.

A wedding planner/designer specializes in event planning and design. They typically have a large number of vendors that they work with and can recommend and can create a day of beauty and fun for you and your guests. Their goal is to be organized, prepared and to be your personal filing cabinet of wedding knowledge. This will lead to a fluid and celebratory one-of-a-kind wedding day.

keep-calm-and-hire-a-wedding-planner-55A catering manager/venue coordinator is usually exclusive to the venue and will be less involved in planning, timing and design of the wedding. They are available only on the wedding day to ensure that everything at the venue meets all expectations. They will also provide a preferred list with vendors that familiar to the property and have continually showed reliability and quality at their past events. The venue advocate will assist you with anything contractual to the venue specifically, however, they will not manage your vendor team, create and execute your day of timeline, or jump into the special details of your wedding day. These key elements are the first step in asking yourself, “Do I need a wedding planner?”

If you choose a wedding planner, remember they will become your advocate and the success of your wedding day is in their skilled hands. They will want to hear about the two of you individually and as a couple. They will want to get to know you and how you met. They will ask how he proposed to you and what it is you want and envision for your big day. They will listen to you and give you feedback through a lot of communication which means a lot of time will be dedicated to the two of you. They will want to guarantee that your day delivers the look and feel that you desire and the feel that you want your guests to enjoy.

Overall, a wedding planner/designer will be your leader. Your wedding guru to bring all the day of pieces of the puzzle together. It is with those key elements above that your design and emotion will show through on your wedding day. There is no doubt that you will love every minute of selecting the wedding planner that meshes with you. After all, your wedding day isn’t just saying “I Do” but surrounding yourselves with an amazing team to tie it all together.