The Bridal Veil

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The Bridal Veil
A Finishing Touch
By Susan Powell, Owner Bridals by Sandra 04BH78Z10030_1

To veil or not to veil, that is the question. Today’s Bridal Designers are creating new and exciting looks for their beautiful bridal creations. For many seasons the trendy bride felt it stylish to omit this important finishing touch.  However, today’s designers are featuring hair ornaments with creative veiling to complete the bridal attire. There is a very special feeling a bride gets when she puts on her veil to begin her walk down the aisle.

The bridal industry has changed greatly throughout the years. The wedding gown companies manufactured both the gown and the matching veil. They were featured together in magazine and all print ads. Today, companies are more specialized.  The veils are more creative and unique. They are produced in a different facility and frequently not coming together for print ads. Although the reasons for wearing a veil differ with religious and cultural beliefs, there is no denying the emotional feeling a girl will have when placing it on her head for the very first time.

In 2015, shoe designers have taken us back to‘70s with the return of the popular platform shoe. Today’s hair ornaments continue with the return of the 70’s trend by showing off the wide, Woodstock inspired headband and floral wreath. They are worn with or without the traditional bridal veil.

Fashion forward veils are trimmed with the same Swarovski crystal trim or detailed lace featured on your wedding gown with many designers also choosing to add the romantic beauty of silk flowers to the veil. The stylish Angel Cut or Shaped Veil begins at the shoulders and flows to the fingertips creating a more romantic styling. The Straight Cut Veil is worn behind the shoulders to create a more sophisticated look.  Petite brides, as well as the tall model type bride, both enjoy the whimsical beauty of the cathedral length veil that will elongate the bride and show off the beautiful train detailing. The veil is cut wider to avoid hiding the beauty of your gown. This veil will be bustled into your gown during your fitting so you can appreciate its beauty without removing it at the reception.  Be cautious of the classic fingertip length veil as it often cuts off the back of the gown creating an unflattering appearance of a line going across the back of your gown. It may need to be shortened during your gown fitting to avoid this unflattering line. Your Professional Bridal Consultant will assist you with these concerns to insure you the perfect gown photos.

bridal-veil-graphicYou will be able to wear the special veil only once. Be sure when shopping for your Dream Wedding Gown, you try on a veil at the same time.  Don’t forget its importance. Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime moment.

Shapes of Bridal Veils have changed greatly. A long cathedral veil is not cut wider than any other veil. The long veil should be worn 12″ longer than the train of the wedding gown. It will be wider than the other veils to show off the back of the gown without hiding the gorgeous back detailing of today’s fashions.

A shaped veil starts at the shoulders and will also add height to that petite bride. Beaded trim on the edge of the veil will add a finishing touch to a beaded gown neckline.

Today’s Bride enjoys that feminine flair. Whether arranging a wedding outdoors, on a beach, in a garden, winery or natural barn setting, the feminine, romantic appearance of that veil in the breeze is the delicate touch