The Beat Goes On

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The Beat Goes On
Choosing the Right Music for the Big Day
By: Maureen Sangiorgio


people dancing It is said that music is a way of giving form to our inner feelings. Could this saying possibly be truer for your wedding? Music creates the mood and sets the tone for your special day. But how do you choose what kind of music to play for the ceremony, and the reception? Follow these quick and easy tips to find the right music for you.

Choose a theme. Think about what kind of musical message you would like your special day to convey. The music you choose should reflect you and your fiancé’s personality and preferences – after all, this is YOUR day! For example, if you both like classical music, you can walk down the aisle to a string quartet playing Vivaldi. Be sure to check with the venue to make sure whatever music you choose is allowed. If you’re getting married in a church, check with the celebrant.

Plan it out. Think about what kind of music you’d like to have at key segments of your wedding. For example, for the bride walking down the aisle, traditional choices include the Wedding March, or Pachelbel’s Canon. Next choose a song for the lighting of the unity candle, and the newlyweds leaving the wedding ceremony. The next segment to consider is during dinner – ambient background music is a popular choice so guests can comfortably chat while eating. Following dinner, toasts, and speeches is party time! Best to choose either a DJ or live band playing upbeat dance music.

Fine tune your song choices. Keep in mind that there will be guests of different ages and generations at your reception. A popular choice is to start with oldies, such as Big Band/Swing music, then progress through the years up to today’s hits, as some older people will be the first to leave.

Do your research. Talk to other brides to find out what bands or DJ they had at their wedding, and check out their websites. Narrow your list down to two or three choices, and contact them to find out if they’re available on your wedding day. Meet the musician, and go over your theme, and song list. Music is key to any wedding, so you can’t spend too much time on this!

Set limits. Besides telling your musician what you DO like, be sure to tell him what you DON’T like. It’s common for wedding guests to approach a DJ and make requests, so if you don’t want heavy metal or rap between the lilting strings of Mozart, make a “do not play” list.

Set the tone. Your guests are there to share in your joy, so by this time of the night, kick up your heels and have fun! All the planning is over, so if you’re out there on the dance floor having a great time, your guests will enjoy themselves too!