Same Sex Marriage

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A Milestone in Marriage
Same Sex Couples Say “I DO”

By Laurin Fegley gaymarriage

Many suggested it would never come, yet here we are with a very eager group of people who can finally partake in the sanctity of marriage here in Pennsylvania. After years of battling it out in the courts the ruling was made in favor of inclusion and acceptance.

Whatever your beliefs, this is a new group of people who will also be scooping up dates, venues and services almost immediately creating less availability than there has possibly been in the past. Many same sex couples who wanted to get married in the last few years have married in other states, but plenty more have been waiting to share this special moment right here at home in their own state closer to friends and relatives.

Pennsylvania has so many unique places and spaces that those looking for a creative venue can easily find it and yet those looking for a traditional ballroom style wedding will have plenty of options as well! Many couples seeking something less traditional will explore outdoor venues, art galleries and mansions. Doesn’t sound so much different than the traditional brides and grooms of 2013 or any other year, does it?

Nope, it’s not!

So what does all this really mean to the traditional bride and groom? Ultimately, nothing. Very little will be any different in the future except that we’ll see two people who could never have dreamed of this just a short time ago walking down the aisle sharing a life together just as traditional couples always have. “Bridal” suites may be replaced with “Couples” suites, contracts will become inclusive to all and few will ever notice the difference… Just a few more fish in the pond!

Love is blind and has no boundaries.