Picking the Perfect Dress

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Picking the Perfect Dress
That “This is the One” Moment!
By: Susan Powell
Owner, Bridals by Sandra


Whispers are heard as she walks into the room. “The Bride looks beautiful.  The Bride is glowing!”  While all woman in love seem to have that special glow, the right gown color to enhance your skin tone and proper style for your body type will help today’s bride fulfill her dreams of looking amazing as she walks towards her future husband.

According to Martha Stewart’s recent survey, 92% of all brides today are not wearing white.  Soft ivory, blush or champagne tones add color to a girl’s face creating that special glow.  When shopping for a wedding gown, it is also very important to realize that the ads you see on the computers or in magazines use models 5’10” with a size 6 or 8 body frame.  Most of us are not that size and special consideration must be made to find the best gown suited for one’s proportions.

All girls are be able to wear a fit and flair A-line wedding gown.  These styles elongate a petite bride and slim a full figured bride.  The corset back options are great for girls who want to create or show off a waistline.  The elegance of the strapless styled gown will always form an hour glass shape that most all women enjoy wearing.  Be cautious however of the new, long sleeves shown by many designers. Remembering a bride is holding a bouquet while walking down the aisle and fabric covering the arms will add width to your appearance.  Try the new fashion of cap sleeves to still create and show of your curves.

Petite brides are also able to wear ball gowns with natural waistlines disregarding all myths that petite girls can’t wear full skirts.  The full skirt will add to the feminine feature of the petite girl, and as long as the waistline is not too dropped, a simple ball gown skirt or one that has only a hemline border will again elongate the bride.  She’ll show off her petite structure and look like a delicate princess.

Beware of the dropped torso styles unless you are marrying someone shorter.  A dropped torso style may photograph a bride elongating their torso and shortening their leg line.   It’s nice to view a wedding gown on a stool to appreciate hemline detail however, a wise idea will be to step off the stool to be certain your dream gown is not overpowering you.  Discuss the structure best suited for you with your experienced Bridal Consultant.  Be careful of the stools used in dressing rooms that will make you appear tall enough to wear any bridal style.

Your wedding gown will be the single most important and usually the most expensive dress you’ll ever own.  It’s nice to include family and friends when shopping for your dream gown, however you and only you will know when you have found the right one.  You’ll feel it within, just as you did when you found your future husband.  Have confidence in your Bridal Consultant and go shopping with an open mind to be sure you look amazing in your Dream Wedding Gown.