Ordering Your Gown Online: Don’t be Fooled!

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Ordering Your Gown Online
Don’t Be Fooled!
By Samantha Parks Bridezilla-600x400web


We, as consumers, are always looking for a bargain or to save a few dollars in these trying economic times and weddings aren’t any exception. Getting married is a very costly investment for the happy couple and their families and brides are looking to cut costs wherever they can. For that reason, many brides have taken to ordering their wedding gowns and attendant’s gowns online thinking that they can save some money and still get the dress they were hoping for. But don’t be fooled! When ordering your gown online please remember that you are ordering strictly by a photo that touts they have the “Designer” dresses at bargain prices. However, most of these sites are from overseas and the photos that you are viewing on their sites are stolen right off of the real designers’ websites.

Sadly, when the dress arrives, the bride quickly realizes that the dress they have received is not the same dress they ordered from the beautiful picture they viewed online. It doesn’t fit properly and the quality is extremely poor.  The glass or Swarovski Crystals have been substituted for plastic sequins. The material is not what was described. The stitching is very sloppy or even torn out. Worst of all, your dress might not even be the same one that you ordered or you might not get one at all.

Brides, beware of these counterfeit sites and do your due diligence! Weigh the pros and cons of taking a chance on ordering from knock-off websites. Some of these sites can look very legitimate but ask yourself these questions:


  1. Will I get the exact same dress that is in the picture?
  2. Will it be pressed when I receive it and if not where will I take it to have that done?
  3. Where will I go to get the dress altered if it doesn’t fit or will I even be able to have it altered at
  4. Will I be dealing with a live person to answer my questions, ensure that I get what I ordered and deal with any issues I may have once I receive it?
  5. Will I be assured that I will even get my dress when I order it?
  6. Do I really know who I am dealing with?

money-down-the-drainweb If any of these questions pose a doubt in your mind, don’t do it! Spending $300 dollars on a counterfeit dress can mean throwing your money right down the drain. That money could have been spent toward an authentic designer gown at a legitimate bridal salon that you can count on to give you the service and attention you deserve and will help make sure that you really do end up with the gown of your dreams.




Professional Bridal Salons in the Region:

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56 E. Lawn Road, Nazareth, PA. 610-759-5156

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7725 Main Street, Fogelsville, PA. 610-366-0125


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525 Delaware Avenue, Palmerton, PA. 610-826-3670


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2161 MacArthur Road, Whitehall, PA. 484-357-9069


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Whitehall Square
2180 MacArthur Road, Whitehall, PA. 610-437-0169


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2548 MacArthur Road, Whitehall, PA. 610-776-8403


Elegant Bridal Boutique:
Fountain Court
3180 Route 611, Bartonsville, PA. 570-688-9594