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Floral Trends for 2016
By: Kristina Gonzales Pondeleksphoto2

After your significant other pops the question and the excitement dies down, the planning process quickly kicks into gear. One of the first things you may do, besides picking out a venue or caterer, is find a florist to help you transform your venue. Picking out the right flowers may be difficult if you haven’t been keeping up with all the floral trends. Exquisite Bride Magazine has been in touch with some of the top florist in the Lehigh Valley area who gave us the scoop on the all the floral trends for the 2016 wedding season.

michaelthomas2It is important to know what’s in style for boutonnieres and corsages so that they complement the outfits and stand out in pictures. For this topic, we talked to Mikey Brown of Michael Thomas Floral Design Studios located in Allentown for all the latest floral styles for these specific pieces. Being in the industry for about 40 years, Brown has seen a lot of changes. According to Brown, corsages for mothers and grandmothers are more understated this season and couples are choosing wrist corsages instead of pin-on ones. Brown also mentions that the stems of the flowers are wrapped in ribbon or twine. Colors to keep in mind for boutonnieres and corsages are blues, yellows, fall tones, pastels, and softer colors. An orange or peach colored flower against blue really pops in photographs. Brides are also taking the time to put extra detail into the boutonnieres and corsages. Rhinestones and jewels are popular of course, but also more heirlooms are being added to women’s’ corsages. Brown says that the men are still preferring to keep it simple. If you’re looking to make them extra unique, Brown says to include berries, dried flowers, or wildflowers to make the piece not so commercial. When asked what advice he offers to those picking out these accent floral pieces Brown states. “You need to know what the person is wearing first, you can’t accessorize a dress or tux before you know what it is.”

First impressions are always important, so you want to make sure that the flowers that your guests see when walking into the ceremony site create the perfect setting for when you say “I Do.” Chris Gregory, from Phoebe Floral in Allentown, gave us her insights on the latest trends Phoebeimagefor reception flowers. Gregory says that a new trend that she’s noticing this year is that couples are doing a floral ornament at the altar or a center piece for a unity candle. If you are planning on an outdoor ceremony, keep in mind how you’d like to decorate the arch with flowers if you’re planning to include one. Gregory mentions that the rustic look is still very popular going into the 2016 wedding season. Rustic flowers are popular such as baby’s breath, daisies, and a variety of succulents just to name a few. Brides are going for a softer, romantic look for the ceremony. Gregory says this includes softer pinks, blues, or peach when choosing colors. Also a lot of burlap, lace, and other fabrics are being incorporated to go along with the rustic trend. For down the Aisle, Gregory mentions that rose petals and lanterns can add a special added touch. Most important, it is essential that everything blends and that is well coordinated. You don’t want the flowers to overwhelm the ceremony site so keep it more natural!

Before the beautiful bride makes her way down the aisle, the guests first see the bridesmaids and groomsmen leading in the bride. Guest will be focusing not only on the bridesmaid’s dresses, but the as well. To help you choose the perfect bouquets for your girls that will also compliment your own, we’ve asked Jacqueline Bodor from Pondelek’s Florist & Gifts in Hellertown for expert advice. The first trend that stands out to Bodor the most is that color that has become popular this upcoming season is coral. Though purple has been a very popular color for the past 3 years, it is finally starting to fade out. Coral, along with different shades of green, is what Bodor predicts is going to be the popular picks for the 2016 season. Flowers with texture are also becoming more popular, for example coxcombs. Bodor mentions that the vintage look in the bouquets is still popular, such as garden roses and natural unstructured bouquets. When asked what trends for  pondeleksphoto1bridesmaid’s bouquets are starting to fade out Bodor says, “Structured bridesmaids bouquets or bridesmaids bouquets in plastic holders are on the down turn.” In terms of accent décor on the bridesmaid bouquets, Bodor recalls one wedding wear they place monogrammed pins on top of the handle of the bouquet. There is definitely a growing trend of personalizing the bridesmaid bouquets to the theme of the wedding.  When asked if brides are adding unique foliage to the bridesmaid bouquet Bodor says, “A strong trend is dusty miller, and that is an annual plant. In addition, herbs such as rosemary are now being added which gives a nice scent to the bouquets.” Some final advice, Bodor adds “Choose the bridal bouquet first and then extract some of the expensive flowers out and give the bridesmaids a bouquets that will coordinate with it.

After the ceremony, your guests will make their way to the reception where more gorgeous floral arrangements can be seen. When it came to the latest trends with reception flowers we turned to Keith Royal from Ruby’s Floral Factory, which is located in the new hip, center city in Allentown. Though Ruby’s Floral Factory has only been around for about 3 years, Royal has over twenty years of experience in the industry. When asked what the floral trends for receptions are for the 2016 wedding season, Royal says, “People are going more towards a contemporary, classy feel. They’re alternating highs and lows, and some are doing lanterns which are big for next year.” The flowers are simple and clean rather than a mix of different flowers. Also, more muted tones are being chosen, as well as lime green. For centerpieces, Royal says brides have been choosing more garden roses, calla lilies, peonies, and baby’s breath. When it comes to decorating the table, RubyStoryOctober1Royal says couples are choosing a more stylized table. Couples are decorating the tables so that it reflects their personalities and so that it tells a story about their relationship. Royal shared that one wedding he designed used books in combination with the flowers. What not to put on the table? Mason jars. Though the rustic trend is still in, couples are now choosing unique vases to hold the flowers. Royal offered great advice for choosing reception flowers as well, “Be mindful of the budget, and choose a florist that can give you the biggest ‘wow’ for what you can afford. If a bride comes in and only wants to spend $20 a table, you want a florist that can create something incredible.” Also, Royal advises to stay away from DIY projects. The prices are not accurate and the project itself can be very deceiving.

Finally, we reach the most important floral arrangement of the entire wedding day: the bridal bouquet. With the trends changing year to year, it’s important to stay on top of them so that your bouquet is one of the standout items on your big day. To help you create the perfect bouquet, we’ve talked to Monica Yurconic-Groff and Keitha Pavolka from Ross Plants and Flowers in Orefield. One of the biggest trends the ladies from Ross have been noticing is a lot of color. Yurconic-Groff and Pavolka say that the colors used to be subtle, but now brides are looking for a lot of color but are continuing with a rustic, natural feel. A lot of pods and branches are being used. The bouquets have more of a natural, garden feel. Yurconic-Groff mentions that baby’s breath it coming back since it is earthy and simple. She mentions that some brides are even doing a whole bouquet of baby’s bs incorporating material from the mother’s or grandmothers wedding dress. Other personal touches include charms, pendants, and pictures. Flowers that are being incorporated into bridal bouquets include hydrangeas, sunflowers, ranunculus and succulents. As for  Rossiamge1colors, brides are leaning more towards yellows, oranges, and blues. Pavolka and Yurconic-Groff focus on the importance of the bouquet complimenting the dress.  Yurconic-Groff offers some final advice for brides who are picking a florist, “Have trust in your floreath or just adding one single flower to the bouquet with it. The bridal bouquets are also being given some sentimental touches she mentions, such arist, be able to connect with them. As a bride you need to make sure they understand what you want and that they can bring it to life. Connect with them and feel as though you can call on them. Develop a relationship with them and be comfortable.

With all this expert advice from these top florists of the Lehigh Valley, you’re are sure to be on the right path when picking the perfect floral arrangements that follow that latest trends and compliment the theme of your wedding day.