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All That Glitters:
Jewelry Trends for Attendants Gifts

By Susan Bella Linskisusanbellablue
Photography By Tim Miller



Trends come and go for bridal jewelry and attire just like anything… remember those big poofy shoulders on dresses and those choke necklaces that did just that?  Well, times are changing!
To look at jewelry trends, we must first look at the modern bride.  Who is she?  The national average says she’s 27 years of age for the first marriage (compared to 23 years of age in 1990)*, and has a higher average annual personal income as compared to the brides of the 90’s.

Now that I’ve replaced romanticism with statistics, let me tell you why.  One question I often hear, when brides are shopping for their attendants, is ‘what should I spend on my bridesmaids?’  There is not a right or wrong answer for this, just one simple rule. Always choose something they can wear again and again… always.  Every time they wear that piece, they will think of you and the special bond you share.


Typically, today’s bride is spending more per attendant than they have in the past. Also, the number of attendants is much lower than in years past. It is also common for the maid-of-honor as well as the best man to receive a little something extra from the couple.  Today that ‘little’ something extra is not as little.  For her, it may mean a pair of earrings and a bracelet.  For him, it may mean a watch and cufflinks (or a gift basket with a billfold, engraveable business card holder and silly socks)!  Think sentimental and special.

I also like recommending jewelry from a collection that they can add to in the future, whether it’s a STORY bracelet/necklace or a LORI BONN bracelet (both pictured on this page) that they can add charms to, or a beautiful pair of earrings that they can add coordinating pieces to.  You will be giving them the start of a collection they can build on.

These guidelines also apply to mothers of the engaged couple… think simple, stylish, sophisticated, sentimental.  And honestly, what mom isn’t going to love jewelry that you pick out for them yourself?



Look what’s trending, it’s a modern world! Two STORY bracelets combined, a super soft pastel pink triple row lambskin bracelet is intertwined with a cool streamline stainless steel rose gold plated chain link bracelet.  Variations of matte, shiny & sparkly Swarovski charms bring this trendy look straight to the top!


Sweet as sugar without the calories! This delicious Lori Bonn bracelet, sweet to the touch, is full of beautiful minty shades and cool tones.  Bursting with Swarovski crystals from left to right the focal point on this mint leather bracelet is ‘Sea Glam’, a Bonn Bon from Lori’s newest limited edition collection, Siren!


Silky, silky now! An exquisite luxurious look, with an affordable price! This silky smooth triple strand silk STORY bracelet sets the bar high not only with this bold turquoise color, but with its eye catching sterling silver Swarovski crystal bar styled charm which dances across your wrist!