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Jewelry Trends in Men’s Bands

LashbrookBy Maureen Sangiorgio

If you think the only choice the groom has in wedding bands is a plain, gold ring, think again. Today’s groom has many styles to choose from, ranging from simple to diamond-studded ornate. For most men, their wedding band is their first big jewelry investment, so you want to do it right. Follow these tips to choose the band that’s right for you.

Personalize it. Ask yourself the following question – what do I do all day? If you work in construction, for example, choose a wedding band made of durable material, such as platinum instead of gold, which tends to be a softer metal. If you’re very active and work out every day, and your idea of “getting away from it all” is extreme skiing, avoid matte finishes which show scratches and decorative details which will lose their shape after one too many knocks.

Opt for style. Once rarely seen, diamond wedding rings for men are now very acceptable. The most popular styles are understated, encrusted with just under a full carat of diamonds. The stone is set flush with the ring to create a smooth exterior and to help hold the stone tight. Also popular in men’s wedding bands are the black, brown, champagne, and yellow diamonds.

Make it modern. The latest trends from Lashbrook (Eight-time winner of the Jewelers’ Circular Keystone Magazine and Jewelers’ Choice awards 2012-14) are the performance metals in contemporary styling. “Cobalt Chrome is our most popular metal,” says Peter Fenstermaker of Roberts Jewelers. “It gives the look of Platinum at a lower price point, has the heft of gold, and is a durable metal. We also sell a lot of titanium bands which are aerospace-grade, and come in over 30,000 styles.”

Think outside the box. “Black Zirconium is desirable for the guys who want something a little edgy and different,” notes Fenstermaker. “When Zirconium is heated it creates a black, oxidized coating which is scratch resistant, and adds a lot of versatility in the two-tone designs.”

With Lashbrook offering so many different types of metals and designs there is sure to be one for you and if not, rest assured, they are more than happy to customize!