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All That Glitters
Jewelry Trends in Women’s Bands

By Samantha Parks
Photography By Tim Millermusslemanbands


In today’s society, the trends for individual expression are stronger than ever. So it only stands to reason that when making a purchase as important as the ring that you are going to slip on her finger, on what is guaranteed to be one of the biggest days of her life, is as beautiful and unique as she is.

Last year the trend seemed to still be buying wedding bands out of the case, the standard either gold band or matching band to the engagement ring purchased. But over the course of the last year the trend has shifted totally according to Tom Mussleman owner of Mussleman Jewelers in downtown Bethlehem. “Although the standard inventory designs are beautiful and still purchased, more couples are coming in and asking me to design their band or bands because out of the case designs just do not state the couples need to express themselves and their love for one another,” says Mussleman.  They want something different, something that no one else currently has or will ever have. They want the ring as unique as their love for one another!

Now, for the big question: “What is this going to cost?” Since the couple of today seems to be trending more and more towards paying for their own wedding at a time when disposable income is at an all-time low, it is important to remember that custom rings can be only as costly as you make them. With all the different metals and gemstones available the possibilities are endless and will still allow for that unique, one of a kind design that you are looking for. So sit down, have fun and design away and just remember, this ring is the symbol of what the two of you hold dear for something that is meant to last a lifetime.