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Food Supplements
Who Needs Them?
By Bud Tarreto, ND; CNC bride-healthy-eating-habits

In this busy world that we live in and the combined stress of the job, families and wedding planning we don’t always seen to have the time to eat healthy. So in this day and age who Needs Food Supplements? Everyone! The Journal of Neurology and Neurosurgery stated, “Health problems such as fatigue, joint inflammation and other disorders are being caused or exacerbated by nutritional deficiency.” In the late 1980’s then Surgeon General, C. Everett Koop, wrote in his annual report that “90% of Americans are nutrient deficient in their diet”. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) agreed with the Surgeon General on that fact!

Unfortunately, today, many people still aren’t sure about taking supplements, but here are 10 good reasons to consider supplementing your present day eating program.

  1. Current commercial agriculture techniques leave soil deficient in important minerals, causing the food grown in this soil to share the same mineral deficiencies.
  2. Many foods are shipped long distances and are stored for long periods of time, both of which cause the depletion of vitamins in these foods, including the important B-complex and C vitamins.
  3. Food processing, cooking, and preserving leads to nutrient depletion in our food supply that makes it difficult to obtain adequate nutrition from foods alone.
  4. Many fruits and vegetables are genetically modified (GMO) to improve visual appeal and crop yields, but not nutritional value, which frequently results in lesser values than our ancestors’ food supply.
  5. Erratic eating habits, insufficient chewing of food, eating on the run, and stress contribute to escalating digestive issues which makes it difficult for our bodies to extract all the nutrients it needs from food.
  6. Pharmaceutical drug use has escalated over time.  Most medications deplete essential nutrients, making people more vulnerable to deficiencies.
  7. Specific times in life and health conditions may result in higher needs of certain nutrients.  For example, folic acid needs tend to be higher during pregnancy, while menopausal women may be vulnerable to calcium deficiencies.
  8. Increasing levels of environmental pollution in our air, water and food may cause our bodies to use more nutrients than normal to detoxify and eliminate harmful substances.  This is especially true of the antioxidant vitamins, some of which include Vitamins A, C, and E.
  9. We all have genetic weaknesses, including higher needs of some nutrients, higher rates of depletion for certain nutrients, and an increased likelihood of genetic expression of some illnesses if vitamin or mineral deficiencies are present.
  10. Many nutrients have been proven to improve such health conditions as high cholesterol, chronic fatigue, cardiovascular issues, arthritis, birth defects, and cancer. And, supportive nutritional supplementing may help diminish hormone fluctuations and improve skin health.

With all that being said there are many product lines out there that may help with these issues. The product line I recommend is Vibe Nutritionals. Vibe Nutritionals are manufactured in an FDA approved facility and has GMP certification.

 vibeBasic Protocols for Maintaining Health from Vibe Nutritionals

Daily Multi Plus-a broad spectrum multi/mineral product for everyday use.

Omega 3-6-9-essential fatty acids are necessary for proper brain function, inflammation, immune support and hormonal balance.

Digestive Enzymes-one of the major causes for disease, digestive issues. Digestive Enzymes help support healthy digestion.

A word of caution when supplementing, make sure to consult with a health and wellness professional to avoid any possible interactions with any medications currently being used.

For more questions on proper nutritional supplementing or health and wellness questions in general please feel free to contact Dr. Bud at: