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Destination Wedding Destinations
By: Jennifer Doncsecz, CTIE, Owner VIP Vacations, Inc.  destinationwedding1

Do you have a Destination in mind for your Destination wedding?

Are you considering a tropical Destination Wedding, but have no idea where to have it? When a couple is looking for a location, the options are endless.  Sometimes too many options can make the process very draining and stressful.  You might have some key questions that need to be addressed first before you look at all of your options.  Perhaps you are curious to find out if some destinations are less expensive, easier to travel to, or are their places where the process is easier?  The answer to each of those questions, is YES.  However, to really find out what destination is perfect for you, I find that it is good to consider the following questions as they can really help in determining the location that is your best match.

Are you looking for an all-inclusive resort?   If you answer YES—this reduces many destination options and primarily leaves, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Costa Rica.   However, even in the Caribbean, not every island offers all-inclusive resorts.

Are you looking for an adult’s only all-inclusive resort?  If you answer yes, you have just narrowed down your options even further and can start to look at only St. Lucia, the Bahamas, Mexico, Jamaica, Antigua, and the Dominican Republic.

Are you looking for a legal ceremony that requires a short “residency” before getting married? If you answer yes, you have now cut your options to St. Lucia, Barbados, Grenada, the Bahamas, Jamaica, and Antigua.  If you don’t want adults only, then you can consider Turks and Caicos, Jamaica, The Bahamas, St. Lucia and Barbados.

destination-wedding2Are you looking for a shorter flight? The answer here will depend on the city you are flying from, but in many instances, St. Lucia and Antigua require a connecting flight and are further south so the flight time is longer.  Assuming you want a shorter flight, then your options are now Jamaica and the Bahamas.

This is clearly a hypothetical situation but it took 4 questions to get to 2 destinations.  Now, we can narrow it down even further, as there are only a few resort brands that are adults only, all- inclusive and located in those destinations.

Are you interested in a Sandals resort?  If your answer is yes, then pricing will now be addressed.  If your answer is No, then other resort brands are mentioned and the process of narrowing those down starts.

What seemed like a very daunting task with many options is now made much easier and it demonstrates the importance of working with a destination wedding specialist that asks the right questions and can provide guidance rather than trying to do it on your own.