Away From the Limelight: Eve & Nolan

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Eve Tannery & Nolan Russo
A love that was meant to be!
By Anya Moorhead
Photography by The Moment Photography Eve4

For Eve Tannery and Nolan Russo, the first meeting was a little different from the typical locking-eyes-and-falling tale you might expect from two people in love. “We met at a Super bowl party in 2012. It was sort of a setup says Nolan. I knew I was there to meet her and she was there to meet me. It was about two hours into this party and we had yet to connect, so I knew I had to at least say hi and introduce myself. My brother has a big oak bar in his basement and that is where she was standing. I decided to walk over to the bar and strike up the conversation. To get behind the bar there’s this big paddle opening that lifts up and down, and she’s standing against the bar and I walk over and accidentally hit the paddle and before I could even say one word, it came crashing down on her hand. I was so embarrassed as her hand immediately blows up and I’m profusely apologizing and there’s this back and forth of her trying to evaluate her hand to see if she’d have to go to the hospital to her playing it cool and saying “not a big deal, don’t worry about it”.

“So he really left his mark!” Eve laughs. “We became friendly after that but didn’t really hang out until a year afterwards, when I invited him to the Snow Ball. Since I was asked to attend I thought, “who can I ask who won’t mind wearing a tux, won’t embarrass me, and will have fun hanging out in the Lehigh Valley with my friends?” So I basically kind of did the first “ask”, and we decided to hang out before that happened just to kind of get acquainted. Our first date was in Philadelphia. As cheesy as it sounds, it was the one night I never wanted to end because we just had so much fun.”

Eve1When asked, “At what point did you realize they were the One?” Both Eve and Nolan agreed: The underlying chemistry and connection was an essential part of the bond we were forming. “You can’t replicate it, it just has to be there,” Nolan says, “and that lent itself to us hanging out all night and chatting the whole time, and it was comfortable and easy.” Eve agrees, “It was just a different kind of connection. So it did not take long for either of them to know that they had met their soul mate.

So how did Nolan finally pop the question?

“We moved out to New Jersey in June 2015, and I asked her the second week of August. We lived right next to this 40-acre park that had a beautiful restaurant up on the hill so we would go running, come home and shower, and then go out to dinner there maybe once a week. It was becoming our spot.” My sister was getting married the weekend afterwards, so it was important to me to have my fiancé there with me. It was an opportunity for us to all be there as a family, an official family.

“So we have this little duck that travels around with us, which was given to Eve by Shelley Brown, Executive Director at the State Theatre in Eve6Easton. I would mail this duck to her at work, she would put it in my car, I would put it in her suitcase if she was traveling, and every morning it would be in a new spot. So I had my sister go to the park that morning with the duck and attach the ring to it, and put the duck in a really nice part on the run where you leave an open meadow and head into the woods right by this river. So we came into the woods and came across the duck, and she’s like, “what is that doing here?” and picked it up, and the ring was attached to it, and there was this outburst of emotion.” We spent about an hour and a half sitting at this spot by the river, and my sister brought us some champagne, and we just sat there and talked about life.” Eve2

Now the happy couple is in full wedding planning mode! Because family is so important to both Nolan and Eve, they’ve decided upon a wedding weekend where their families and friends can share an experience of love and togetherness. The wedding will take place in a relaxed, intimate vineyard setting in Virginia where guests can be themselves. In the next issue of Exquisite Bride, we will be checking back in on the Tannery/Russo Wedding to explore the next chapter of this amazing couples love story.

Venue Setting for Engagement Photos: Evergreen Hideaway in New Tripoli, PA:
Photography by: Terre Yeagle of The Moment Photography:
Hair and Makeup: Sequoya Yeagle of Architeqt Salon and Gallery:
thing Stylist: Nancy Amoroso