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Alternatives to the Saturday Wedding
By: Sammy Parks saturdayalternative1

Some women start thinking about their dream weddings from a very young age. As a child, the white ballroom gown, horse and carriage and Saturday full of flowers and dancing play big roles in the fantasy. You yourself are probably guilty of this to a degree and secretly still have this in the plans for your big day.

Sometimes, however, this dream isn’t always a practical one and may limit you and your options when it comes to what you want for your dream wedding.

When thinking about your day, no doubt, most brides will look at a Saturday without a second thought to any other day of the week. Why is Saturday the most important and usually the only considered day of the week to get married? The biggest factor is that it is in the middle of the weekend and most people do not have to worry about taking time off from work. It is more convenient for people who are traveling to get into town and have a little time to relax before all the activities begin.

saturdayalternative2Popularity does however come with its problems. Saturday is often a very hard day to book a wedding, at least the date you want. Reservations need to be made years in advance to get the venue you just can’t live without. In addition, the venue, caterer and other vendors you choose will most likely come with a higher price tag on a Saturday because of the competition. The wedding industry is an $86 billion dollar industry, according to statistics from the Association of Wedding Professionals International, and those involved with making the wedding day happen know this so the price tag is larger for their services.

So, what are your options? What are the advantages of giving up the Saturday wedding for another day of the week? For the bride on a budget there are many! Supply and demand for Saturday weddings means that a Friday or Sunday would generally be cheaper and more readily available. Skipping the weekend totally would be even more beneficial. saturdayalternative3

Things like your dream venue, that caterer you must have and that photographer who you know will capture all your memories but was booked every Saturday for 2 years straight are now options you have. Just keep in mind, you will want to check with your Church or ceremony site to make arrangements if you choose a non-weekend wedding.