Your Wedding is Not a Bridal Show

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Your Wedding is Not a Bridal Show
Allow Your Vendors to Advertise? Yes or No?
By Scott Brandon, Owner, Positively Energized Disc Jockeys

So, it is your big day. All the formalities and I do’s are done. Now it is time to celebrate with all your guests at that perfect reception venue and the question is… Do you allow your vendors to display their business cards or promotional material at your event to gain future business?Wedding-Adevertisementwebstory

Some wedding vendors display announcements at their clients’ weddings. Some do so as a common practice while others offer a discount for the chance to advertise. Some vendors may place promotions near them or their contribution (many DJs display signs at their station), while others may place items like business cards on each and every table at your reception. Many photo booth operators display their name and/or contact info somewhere on their booth.

Whether or not to allow this, and your reasons for allowing or not allowing it is certainly up to you. As a wedding professional it is my own opinion these practices are inappropriate during an occasion when the focus is supposed to be all about the Happy Couple. Wedding vendors have more than enough ways to advertise without having to be the center of attention during their clients’ big moments.

If the vendor, like a DJ or photographer, is present, guests who so wish can request a card from them, to be discreetly passed. However, in all cases, interested parties can always get your vendors’ contact info from you after the wedding.

For these reasons, I encourage you to find out in advance whether or not your vendors intend to be promoting themselves during your wedding, or working to keep the focus on you and your new spouse.  After all, it is your day and you are paying them to make sure it is all about you!