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Where the Boys Go
The New Bachelor Party
By: Scott Nicholls

You’ve heard the saying “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” right? Well why should it? The boozy, stripper-ridden bachelor parties of the last two decades or so are getting old, and more and more men are looking to do something a little different on their big night before the “big day.” The origins of the bachelor party are rooted in ancient history dating back to around 5 B.C and are believed to have been started by the Spartans. It’s thought that the Spartan men would celebrate their friend’s last night as a single man by holding a dinner, and making toasts on his behalf. So in honor of doing things a little differently, I set out to find a few out of the ordinary ways to celebrate that are right here in our backyard.

Grid Code
Guys, we all like Call of Duty, right? I’m sure we’ve all imagined what we would do if the situations we’re presented with when playing online against other people were actually possible? So why not make your imagination reality? The Grid Code in Allentown offers an indoor Call of Duty style layout where you get to do just that. The Airsoft guns that you use look like real guns, and you’re kitted out with a face mask for protection. The one and a half hours of game time you get included in the price may not sound like a lot, but rest assured you will be feeling it after you’ve chased your friends around a 9,500 square foot arena and rattled off a few plastic BB’s in their leg. Afterwards, you can relax in the private party area where soft drinks and pizza will be provided before you head out to the bar! For more information or to book a date visit www.thegridcode.com.
LV Sporting Clays

Not sold on BB guns? Don’t worry! Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays caters for bachelor parties too. LV Sporting Clays is located on a 125 acre abandoned limestone quarry and has a large course on which you will be shooting your flying clay targets from unique stations. One of their signature stations has clays coming at you through the windows of what is left of the old limestone quarry building. This kind of unique station is what makes LV Sporting Clays more than just a simple “pull and shoot” clay shooting experience. There are three levels of courses so they have you covered whatever your level of expertise. There are four bachelor party options that LV Sporting Clays offer which start at $69.20 per person and range through to $117.20 per person. www.lvsclays.com.


If motor racing is more your style then obviously the perfect place for you and the guys is Lehigh Valley Grand Prix. Lehigh Valley Grand Prix is an indoor go kart racing facility. A “race” at LV Grand Prix is approximately three miles of racing on a track that is a quarter mile long. Guests will wind their way through ten turns for roughly eight minutes. This normally gets you 10-12 laps depending on if you drive like Jimmy Johnson in a NASCAR race, or if you drive like Shaquille O’Neal in his Buick. LV Grand Prix
What do you wear to race go-karts? LV Grand Prix says customers must wear closed toed shoes, and that the temperature on the track is similar to that of the temperature outside so you may dress accordingly. Although, from my own experience, long pants are a good idea even on the hottest summer day. The benefit of organizing your bachelor party with LV Grand Prix is that you get the place to yourselves all day – it’s just you, your friends, and the go-karts. All packages at LV Grand Prix include: private racing, an annual membership, safety briefing and instruction, the private party room for two hours and food. LV Grand Prix offers three packages; the Monaco (the basic package, 2 races), the Formula One (standard package, 3 races), and the all-inclusive “Grand Prix” package.
After a tough day on the track there is no need to venture outside the building because LV Grand Prix’s “Octane” bar will be ready for you after your day of competitive racing and there are even “Open Bar” options. For pricing and further information on these packages you can email Kristine@lehighvalleygrandprix.com.


If guns and racing aren’t your style and you are feeling more like a relaxing day on the golf course with you and your buds… Look no further than Berkleigh Golf Club. Situated on route 222 just a short ride outside the valley in Kutztown, Berkleigh offers you and your guys the option of playing either 9 or 18 holes on their beautiful championship course. Once you have enjoyed the greens and finished your round it is then time to step off the course and kick back a few cold ones and reminisce about the best and worst shots of the day. You will head back to the clubhouse and enjoy the pig roast that will be there waiting for you. Berkleigh-0401 The roast includes: BBQ chicken quarters, potato salad, cole slaw, baked beans, soft drinks and domestic draft beer. Reservations are needed 20 days in advance and price varies depending on the day of the week that you choose to play golf. For more information please contact Lisa at 610-683-7388 or visit berkleighgolfclub.com.
A bachelor party doesn’t have to break the bank, and if you stay true to the traditions it is rooted in, it won’t. A fun day out at any one of the places mentioned in this article would be both inexpensive, awesome, and the “Spartan” thing to do.