Malibu Dude Ranch

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Malibu Dude Ranch
Celebrate Country Style

By Samantha Parks 532

For many, a destination wedding means packing up, catching a flight, heading away to some exotic island and walking barefoot on the sand to exchange vows. But nestled right here in the heart of the Pocono Mountains in Milford, PA, just a short 2 hour drive from the Lehigh Valley is a different type of destination wedding setting known as the “Malibu Dude Ranch.” The only true Dude Ranch still in existence east of the Mississippi River, the Malibu Dude Ranch is something out of a storybook. Set on 800 acres and backed by 14,000 acres of state game lands, this serene and magnificent place offers the happy couple to be, a unique option when choosing where to celebrate with family and friends.

A family owned business purchased by Dr. Detweiler and his wife, Phyllis, back in December of 2010, when ”Doc” heard that the place he grew up horseback riding, fishing and all the other wonderful amenities was going to be sold and torn down to make homes he just knew that had to step in and save it. Now, this picturesque place continues to work as a true dude ranch. Everyone at the ranch is like “family” and that is how you are treated from the moment you step foot onto the property.

305Whether you are looking to have a small intimate affair or you want to have a weekend getaway with the entire wedding guest list, which at 85 guests or more they close down the facility to the public and it is all yours from Friday – Sunday afternoon, the Malibu Dude Ranch is the place to go. The guest rooms range from a traditional room in the main house to the private cottages and even a bridal suite there are accommodations for everyone.  There is so much to do once you arrive at the ranch and everything is included, horseback riding, fishing, swimming, archery, shooting and so much more and it is all included!

As for the wedding itself? Picture yourself under the archway in front of the lake with all your guests surrounding you. Just imagine walking in the beautiful field with horses or getting in one of the boats and rowing out onto the lake to have your photos taken? There truly is nothing else like this anywhere in PA or the entire east coast for the matter. 291

When it comes to choosing your food, the options are endless. You can have a traditional western style bbq with all the fixins’ or customize your own menu to exactly what you want. The bar area boasts a dance floor for your band or dj and once again done in true western fashion.

So when you decide you want to “get away” and have a destination wedding, don’t overlook one of the most unique and one of a kind places that is right here in PA. After all, where else can you take 85 of your friends and family and share in your “big day” but make it an entire weekend experience you will never forget all for one price?

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