Vendor Spotlight: Musselman Jewelers

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Vendor Spotlight
Musselman Jewelers
By C. Carroll P6270092

Right across the street from the historic Hotel Bethlehem, snuggled up against the Moravian bookstore is a downtown staple and very unique jewelry store, Musselman Jewelers. Founded in 1930 by Claude Mussleman and his family, Musselman Jewelers has a long history of excellence. Although the proprietors and staff may have changed since then, the Musselman name assures you the best in what a jewelry store can provide. Run by Tom Anderko since September of 2007, this establishment has been an important part of historic downtown Bethlehem since its opening and will continue to be for many years to come.

What are some of the things that make the Musselman experience different? For starters, their highly experienced staff, individualized service and excellent quality to price ratio differentiates them from other jewelers in and around the region.  They carry merchandise that is unique and not from assembly line manufacturers.  Their creative team provides custom designs and works very closely with the customer to provide exactly what they are envisioning.  These services require strong dedication and constant education to remain at the cutting edge of the jewelry market.

15665961_1239207159451533_4689636072665532553_nWhen it comes time to pop the question, there is confusion on what the rule of thumb is for knowing just how much to spend. “The rule has traditionally been 3 months’ salary of the groom to be. Today however, couples should throw out the rules and do what is appropriate for them,” states Anderko. The essential decision to commit to each other has already been made and the ring signifies the love of the couple for one another. The ring must be to the bride’s taste as she will be wearing this piece of jewelry for the rest of her life.  Purchasing an engagement ring is a very personal and individual experience, and Musselman prides themselves in bringing their expertise and time to the couple to feel confident they have made the best decision for their situation.

How about custom designs? Anderko touts that this is one of their specialties! “We have knowledgeable and creative staff who will provide stunningly beautiful designs. Our in-house design bench workers can redesign existing pieces or begin from a totally new vision based on what the customer is looking for,” Anderko says. So it is no doubt that the high standards of quality and personalized service you will find here will please even the most discerning tastes. 18010230_1375270399178541_2501071903127025945_n

Musselmans’ carries a large selection of exciting bridesmaid’s gifts and jewelry as well to suit many price ranges. Unique designs by Beth Anne have proven to be extremely popular choices but there are so many options to choose from as well. So when it comes time to pick out that ring for the love of your life, custom design your wedding bands or just to find that unique piece to add to your collection, be sure to visit Tom, Randi, Louie and the rest of the staff at Musselman Jewelers on Main Street in Bethlehem.

Musselman Jewelers
420 Main Street
Bethlehem, PA.