Vendor Spotlight: Divine Catering

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Vendor Spotlight:
Divine Catering
By: Kristina Gonzales
Photos Provided by: Divine Catering DC1

What do guests always seem to remember weeks after the wedding? According to Kevin Spiegler, co- owner of Divine Catering in Easton, it almost always seems to be the food. Whether it be hors d’oeurves or a five course dinner, it’s important to pick a caterer that will have your guests raving long after the wedding is over. Spiegler, along with his business partner Roberto Lopez and their team at Divine Catering can create a menu for your special day that can do just this and more.

Since graduating culinary school in 2003 from Lehigh Carbon Community College, Spiegler has gained much experience over the years. He spent a few years working in Philadelphia mastering his technique in mainly French and New American restaurants in the city and even though he went back to school to study something different, he couldn’t stay away from the culinary world and eventually fell right back into the food industry. Lopez, who has spent most of his career in the restaurant business,felt he could bring the farm to table aspect that he had really taken  on his career, to his own business and in November 2012, the two officially opened Divine Catering.

When asked why they wanted to start their own catering company the answer was simple, “We felt like working for other people was not what we wanted to do anymore. We wanted to be our own bosses.”  Spiegler explains that thier team has truly modernized what other caterers have been doing in the Lehigh Valley. Divine Catering takes a fresh, local approach when it comes to cooking. Our cuisine is French inspired, but also incorporates a new American/Continental taste. However, couples shouldn’t feel like their menu choices are limited to a certain style. The culinary team at Divine Catering is more than willing to help them create their own unique menu that fits their specific taste and meets their budget. Catering at least 50 weddings a year, the Divine Catering team has had his share of unique menus that fit different palettes.

DivineCatering3According to Spiegler, trends are changing and couples have been more into creating an elaborate, longer cocktail hour with hor d’oeurves that are much more innovative than your typical “pigs in a blanket”. When it comes to the main course, Spiegler says instead of the typical plated dinner that would include soup, salad, and an entrée, couples have been choosing more elegant options such as a multi-course small plate meal or tapas style. When it comes to the dessert, Divine Catering offers a full selection that is made in house and also has a pastry chef who can design your wedding cake for you as well.

When you choose Divine Catering for your special, you can be assured that the food you’re getting that day is not only creative, but local and fresh. Spiegler and Lopez like to purchase local ingredients, such as produce and meats that are sourced from within a 50 mile radius. Of course, the seafood is also fresh and never frozen. This is just one of the many things that makes Divine Catering stand out amongst other caterers in the Lehigh Valley area. Choosing Divine Catering for your wedding ensures that you’ll get quality food and customer service. Everything is made from scratch.

Still craving this kind of food after the big day? Luckily, guests can head over to Spiegler’s new restaurant, Bistro Pomme Verte, for some French inspired farm to table cuisine. This restaurant is a hidden gem in Easton, and offers an intimate, private setting for a special night out or a small special event. Able to seat up to 65 guests, Bistro Pomme Verte is perfect for hosting an engagement or bridal party. An extra bonus for booking a private event at Spiegler’s restaurant is there is no rental fee so you are only charged for the food. DivineCatering2

Exquisite Bride asked Spiegler what advice he would offer to brides when choosing a caterer, he responded with “Don’t book without a tasting.” That may seem like common sense, but it does happen. He also says that it is important to read your contracts before signing and definitely shop around to see what is out there instead of choosing the first caterer you meet with. Choosing the right one can make or break your big day.

To Contact Divine Catering:

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