PICTURE THIS: Photo booth antics

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Picture This:
Photo Booth Antics
By Sammy Parks wedding-photobooth-bride-bridesmaids

A wedding is just one day, so everyone knows that photos are a great way of capturing the excitement and emotion for years to come. The professional photographer that you hire usually does a great job of snapping the couple, but pictures of your friends and family members celebrating with you will be great memories going forward.

In the past, couples used to leave disposable cameras on the tables for their guests to snap away to try to catch the “Fun shots”. However, finding a hidden gem in the mix of all the images is kind of like finding a needle in a haystack. Not to mention, the cost of the cameras, developing and the blurry shots and the shots of the feet that the kids took when they got their hands on the cameras, is just not cost effective in this day and age.

PhotoboothInstead of wasting your time and money on all that, why not try something that is sure to capture those rare shots and most of all is fun? Photo booth rentals are becoming increasingly more and more popular at wedding receptions. Not only do you get to see everyone at their best – it is also a great take home memory for your guests.
Photo booths come in different sizes and offer different features. Some of them offer the photos up immediately to your in just how you would imagine – black and white with a strip of 4 different poses. Other photo booths shoot photos continuously throughout the evening and provides the couple with a digital album of all the photos that were taken. Your guests can then go online and to view which photos they want to print right at home from their own computer.

Some fun ways to liven up your guest’s photo booth experience is to have the attendant encourage them to dress up in silly hats or fake mustaches, feather boas or even superhero masks. In addition, the company can provide things such as white boards, backgrounds to match your colors and even the date on the photos. A photo booth is a fun way for your guests to make sure that you, the couple, have fun and long lasting memories of everyone on your special day.