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As a young boy, Mark Kintzel’s creative passion was stirred by a long line of crafters, artists, musicians and farm folk. His parents and brothers were musically gifted and part of a gospel singing group that traveled widely and produced several albums. His brother Dave is a very talented wildlife artist. His grandparents were farmers. So it is no wonder that his creative sensibilities are rooted firmly in nature’s abundant beauty and its expression in unique and memorable ways.

Whether it’s transforming a natural meadow using two vintage doors he picked up at a salvage warehouse and creating a door structure as a backdrop for the bride and groom, or repurposing wine bottles into stunning lanterns to serve as ceremony lighting for an outdoor wedding, he brings a distinctive artistic touch to weddings that is as unique as couple themselves. Two years ago, Mark had the privilege of planning and styling a wedding which took place in the UK – an unforgettable experience.

Growing up in rural Pine Grove, Pennsylvania, Mark developed an early appreciation for life on his grandfather’s farm. Here he spent lazy summer days wandering and daydreaming and soaking up the sights, scents and sounds of the earth. He’d pick big bouquets of wildflowers – daisies, violets, golden rod, wheat even flowering branches — anything he could get his hands on and satisfy his innate love of harvesting and foraging to create something of beauty.

Markkintzelwebstory2Mark’s youthful independent streak has now surprisingly transformed him into an independent event planner and stylist. Mark has developed a distinctive flair for creating event experiences that resonate deeply and unforgettably with brides and grooms seeking something that speaks uniquely to them.

In keeping with his personal ethos, he uses locally sourced flowers whenever possible, and is committed to repurposing and reusing objects and elements to create something both sustainable and imaginative in service of the bride and groom’s vision of their day. Like chandeliers he created by arranging live hanging ferns and stringing lights around the bottom of the planters or putting an old frame to good use by inserting a chalkboard painted board that served as the table assignment station. He also sources vintage furniture, vases and lighting rentals to add character and comfort.

Mark’s greatest satisfaction comes from delivering a vision and an event for his clients and their families that is more beautiful and magical than they ever could have imagined. He consults with his clients to understand their vision and desires and maps out a style that guides the choices that help bring their vision to life in artistically inspired and innovative ways.

As an independent planner and styler, Mark also choreographs and manages all the logistics of events – from the selection of undiscovered venues and locations to the moment when the last guest departs. Like nature, no detail is too small to escape Mark’s unerring eye. And like nature, a wedding planned and styled by Mark Kintzel Design is naturally and singularly breathtakingly beautiful.