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Wedding Stress-How it affects your HEALTH!!!
By: Dr. Bud Tarreto ND, CNC  Wedding-Stress-600x250

Even though a wedding is thought to be one of the happiest time in a couple’s life, the planning process before that happy day may create a lot of anxiety and incredible stress on the body.

A wedding should be a beautiful, colorful, exciting and awesome celebration, however, the demands placed on the bride-to-be, can often create a physical and emotional tailspin.

Unfortunately, such high social expectations with these events places a tremendous amount of pressure on the person (usually the bride-to-be) handling the wedding planning duties. Everyone invited to your grand day expects a classy affair with great music and entertainment, dancing, fantastic food, a variety of drinks, a beautiful bride, and much more. The amount of pressure for the big day is very stressful! Did I forget to mention the guest list and sending out all the invitations?

Adrenal_Stress2Summing it up, planning a wedding is huge and has the potential to take a serious toll on the mind and body and can make you sick by suppressing the immune and adrenal function in the body.

What is Adrenal Dysfunction???

When the body is under that a lot of stress, it goes into overdrive. Your adrenal glands then come to the rescue, producing hormones that help you through that stressful situation. The body is designed to handle these short term situations, but what we aren’t so familiar with is the body’s response to stress and the ways in which it handles it on a constant basis. Stress today goes far what our body normally can handle. When chronic stress repeatedly forces the adrenal glands to sustain high levels of cortisol, two things happen: first, the adrenal glands can’t sustain their normal role in hormone regulation because the same resources they use to make hormones, such as estrogen, are now being required to make cortisol, and second, that excess amount of cortisol will begin damaging healthy tissues. Sooner or later something will give and adrenal fatigue sets in. You start experiencing one or more of the following symptoms: fatigue, weight gain, insomnia, fuzzy thinking or brain fog, depression or continual crying, cravings, mood swings, and that just names a few.

What you can do to restore healthy adrenal function!

If you are having serious health issues, check with your healthcare practitioner to rule out disease or other factors. For the majority of individuals with mild to moderate challenges with adrenal dysfunction, we have found that diet, lifestyle and proper nutritional supplemental support will help bring adrenal function back in balance and some of the benefits of this are sleep better, and getting back the vitality you deserve!

Yoga-BrideHere are some of the simple steps you can follow:

  • Get more rest-research has shown that the body needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night for healthy adrenal function.
  • Stress reduction: get your body moving on an everyday basis; whether it is a daily brisk walk, exercise or yoga.
  • Take time for yourself: indulge in a warm bath, soothing music therapy or snuggle up in a chair and do some enjoyable and relaxing reading.
  • Dietary changes: eliminate the refined carbohydrates and improper food combining.
  • Inquire about a supplemental support program that would improve your health and adrenal function.
  • Remember that your wedding day is supposed to be a beautiful and memorable event and it is important to take the necessary steps to ensure you and your health are at the top of your list to make sure you really enjoy your special day and continue on the healthy path for life!

DrDr. Bud Tarreto studied Holistic Health and Nutrition at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and the Trinity School of Natural Health. Dr. Bud is a veteran of the United States Navy and resides in Griffin Georgia with his wife, Anita, but frequently travels to his hometown in Pennsylvania to visit his daughter and his grandchildren. For more information on your everyday health and how to maintain good adrenal function or to obtain the adrenal health quiz, or for health questions in general please contact:

Dr. Bud Tarreto ND; CNC