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Beauty Comes from Within
A Healthier You with uTHRiV
By C.Carrolluthrivphoto1web


Want to know how to look your best for your big day? … Good Nutrition

I’m sure that deep down inside, you know that to look the very best for your wedding day, you have to start preparing well in advance. And who doesn’t want to look the best they can for “I DO” day?

Many brides plan to lose a few pounds and tone up so that dress fits just right and those that don’t still want to glow for their groom. Good nutrition is the foundation for achieving these goals. But eating right as a path to good health is a difficult process you say. It’s not easy for most people to get their fruits and vegetables each day. So now what?

Dr. Bud Tarreto, ND CNC, naturopath extraordinaire, and all around good guy, explains the correlation between nutrition and looking your best. “Healthy glowing skin is the result of healthy cells, not makeup. Strong anti-oxidants and the right nutrients keep the cells happy and healthy and what happens inside determines how you look on the outside. The easy, quick way to good nutrition for your cells is through supplementing your diet, and I recommend uTHRiV products to help you achieve your goals”

uTHRiV is an organization dedicated to helping people achieve total wellness personally and in the world around them. uTHRiV believes that personal health is critical to this mission and their product line is designed around the core nutritional needs of the body. The featured product, +5, provides the amazing healing elements of nature in a convenient, power packed 2 oz. concentrate. Using a patented WHOLE LEAF ALOE VERA as the main catalyst, the absorption rate of plant nutrients has scientifically been proven to increase by nearly 400%. Simply mix in +5 with a bottle of water each day and you receive 5+ servings of fruits and vegetables.

plus-5-logowebActive Female Daily Vitamin packs are another cornerstone of good nutrition. In today’s busy world, nutritional needs are rarely, if ever fulfilled. Therefore, if you strive to live an active healthy lifestyle, your body needs a broad variety of nutrients in strategically designed combinations to enable you to operate at full potential.

Weight loss and maintenance is another important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. uTHRiV has a series of products designed to help you manage your weight through their Vibe line of products. NutriKare meal alternative powder is a delicious and convenient shake with only 105 calories, 11.5 g of quality protein, a broad range of amino acids, and much more. NutriKare shakes are a convenient way to consistently supply your body with the wide array of nutrients that it desperately needs. The Thermogenic Blend packet is an additional weight loss aid to be taken between each meal. It boosts energy levels naturally, promotes healthy thyroid function, suppresses the appetite by eliminating cravings, and supports the immune system. The third product is the Fat Eliminator. This product contains the necessary, active amounts of specifically combined ingredients and components to have lipophilic properties. This means that they can literally bind and absorb fat molecules. These fat absorbers are naturally derived from plant extracts and powder concentrates.vibeweblogo

The bottom line is our lifestyle, environment and habits are creating a constant imbalance. Our foods are nutrient poor, and our age demands more nutrition. We have no choice but to supplement with high quality products in order to live a long and healthy life. For more information, or to order products, visit our website at or call 610-730-4106.