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+5 and the Benefits
By: Dr. Philip A. Mongelluzzo,Jr.  MDplus5logoweb


As a board certified internal medicine physician, I absolutely love uTHRiV’s +5 for a variety of reasons.  First and foremost, it is an all-natural product with no additives or preservatives.  This makes it extremely easy to recommend not only for my patient population, but for my friends and family as well.  While it is not meant to be the sole source of fruits and vegetables in our diet, it contains five servings of fruits and vegetables, which is the key to a well- balanced diet and nutritional plan.  So, it makes great sense to supplement your diet with +5 if you are not getting five servings of fruits and vegetables daily.  In today’s fast past world, we just don’t have enough or spend enough time preparing our plan for a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables.  It is not that we don’t know the importance of a healthy diet, it is simply that life is busy and for most people, including myself at times, our priorities are elsewhere.  The medical literature agrees unanimously on the importance of fruits and vegetables in our diet.  Five servings of fruits and vegetables help a variety of bodily functions and lowers the risk of certain cancers.  Moreover, fruits and vegetables help to repair damaged cells daily and for me, this is a crucial benefit of +5.   Another benefit from good, wholesome nutrition is the change in energy levels that we feel.  I can certainly attest personally to what great nutrition can do for your energy level.  I am excited to report that +5, while not an energy drink, certainly will increase your energy level and focus.  The secret to this is no secret it all – it is just good nutrition.

asktheexpertwebSpeaking of good nutrition, uTHRiV’s product line does not just stop at +5. They have a whole supplement line designed to improve your health.  I could write volumes about their other products, which range from probiotics to several weight loss products to an active daily female vitamin, but for the soon to be brides out there (Congratulations!), if you are looking for a great way to augment and improve your nutritional level, start your day the +5 way.  If you are looking to get healthier before you celebrated day and are looking to be more fit than ever before and have a weight loss goal, I highly suggest you looking into our NewU 66 program, a revolutionary program that takes you on a personal journey over 66 days (the time that it takes to create a new habit) where you will lose weight, tone up and improve your daily mindset.  Backed by a healthcare team that is well versed in nutrition, personal improvement and weight loss, you will experience a complete mind, body and spirit transformation.

For more information on uTHRiv and its entire product line or to order product itself, contact Tyler at 610-730-4106 or visit the website at